Further information


The Boys' Brigade is an uniformed organisation and we have detailed the different requirements for each section. Uniforms (jerseys, badges, hats, etc.) can be obtained from the section officers. We endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible and weekly payments can be made. We usually aim to have every boy in full uniform within 8 weeks of starting.


The boy's brigade is a voluntary, uniformed organisation in which the officers and helpers give up their spare time to attend on Friday evenings, competitions, days out, camps etc. We expect boys to behave themselves and respond to the disciplined environment we aim to establish. If any boy's behaviour gives concern then he may be excluded from some activities. We will discuss any discipline problems with parents and in extreme cases, there may be no alternative but to bring him home and/ or refuse him membership.


Each year we have a consent form to for the boy to take part in activities of a company. The brigade provides accident insurance for this reason.

Each section has an officer in charge whom, together with the other officers and helpers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the section.

All officers and helpers have their own skills and knowledge in various areas and bring this to full use at all meetings of the company.



Safety is very important and we set some specific rules:

Boys must not leave the premises without permission

Boy's should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before start of their section.

First aid will be applied to minor cuts and bruises and parents will be notified.



Your son will be required to pay a weekly subscription that pays for fees that the company has to pay. It also provides for activities each week.



We encourage boys to attend regularly so they donít miss out on activities or fall behind on badges.


Display / Awards Night

Each year, normally May we hold a night were parents and friends are invited. On the night boys are able to demonstrate some of the activities carried out during the session. The boys are presented with any badges they have earned and various trophies are awarded.



We aim to try and organise outings during the session depending on the availability of staff and transport. We would normally ask your son to contribute towards the cost.

The Anchors and Juniors go on trips such as the ferry across the Mersey. The company Section goes on an Annual camp.


Fund Raising

During the session, it may be necessary to hold one or more fund raising events to help pay for equipment and materials needed for the running of the Company as well as keeping down costs of subscription.